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Electronic Circuits and Product Designs

Universal Signal Conditioning

Here is a practical application of the dual differential amp. This circuit is for DC or slow moving DC like Strain Gauge and transducer signals. The RC and Zeners are for protection and clamping. Why and how has been described in other posts here. The high impedance op-amp input cannot face the real world unprotected. OP07 is always the selection due to the low offset. When the sensor generates data in mV, you cannot afford any error introduced in this front end, right.

on: 7/26/2019

LM331 A to D Mux Input Switch

This is the full circuit of a V/F convertor interface for 80C31 SBC. The Mux is configured for selecting between two inputs. It uses analog switch 4066. LF353 along with LM331 form the VCO, you can further study such configuration in the Application Notes of TI/NS.

on: 7/24/2019

Two Stage Sequential Timer

This is an example of a cascaded or sequential timer, here two CD4541 are forming a two stage timer. You can add more in a chain, but better to use a microprocessor or Microcontroller for such a purpose. But make sure EMI-RFI immunity is high for these circuits or wrong resets and sets can make a machine like an Oven or Environment Chamber malfunction and even ruin the job.

on: 7/24/2019

Analog Blind Dial On Delay Timer

It is called analog dial timer as it has no digital display, but the chip is digital it is CD4541. It is Mains operated, you could make on-delay or off-delay. By changing the caps and resistors or with even dip-switches you could get timing of few seconds to many hours.

on: 7/12/2019

delabs Beeps and New Developments

Privacy Violations by Google

I had begun to move away from google products after iGoogle homepage shutdown. I discontinued more products after the Google Plus Shutdown. Now i use only Blogger and Youtube and am going to move from those two later.

on: 12/16/2020

Chip-n-Dale landing on Steam Turbines

Small manufacturers have to get their profile and products across. Just building a site is not enough, you need to advertise. People search for solutions, by proper advertising you can get tuned/filtered visitors to your website. These people were looking for solutions and you are looking for customers. Other “promotional techniques” get you a lot of visitors. Even “ranking high in search results” gets you “Visitors”. Get listed at delabs Mint.

on: 11/21/2020

Post under Thick Glass

Keep a three square feet and 5mm thick unbreakable Glass Sheet with smooth non-injurious edges; on your desktop. You can then slip some very important memos, that are routine, write on a white sheet with colored sketch pen; slip under glass. This will ensure you don't' miss the routine "thing to do".  Look at what i created Pin Notes.

on: 11/6/2020

Modern Marketing Methodologies

These were some of the Methods i used since the 80s, I had to sell Instruments manufactured by my own small firm. So these Ancient methods are quite Modern if you extrapolate them with tools like the Internet. See Ideas of delabs for more.

on: 7/22/2019

EE Widgets from delabs

​There are Web widgets related to learning electronics and also demonstrating the subtle aspects of Product Design Technologies. This blog also has the  widgets made by delabs around 2005. These demonstrate solutions for improving usability in devices. EE Web widgets

on: 6/30/2019

Small and Big Bizness

If you are a small company you have an ability to grow and improve as adrenaline is working, but many large companies because of inertia lose their core skills this is because they becomes complacent. they shrug off customers and responsibilities. The conclusion is big and small both are equal, one has to consolidate, reform, hive off and be sensible. the other has to be ever look out for opportunities left open. We could MeeeT sometime.

on: 6/27/2019

delabs Site with Expression Engine

​delabs Circuits html pages are being slowly migrated to Expression Engine CMS. The delabs html pages are now nearly two decades old (20 yrs). Started with Netscape Composer and later Mozilla Composer and now maintained with Seamonkey and Filezilla. This CMS Expression Engine is from the people who made pmachine. Other nice apps in those days were phpbb, mambo, 4images and cmsimple.

on: 6/13/2019

Product Design

delabs main

Electronic Circuit and Product Design - delabs can design the Electronic Circuit and PCB if you have a Product Idea and Plan made. If you need a circuit, product or a solution designed as per your exact specifications, delabs Technologies can help you with your Firm’s EE Project or Idea.

on: 6/12/2019